Overview of GreenRADIUS

What is GreenRADIUS?

GreenRADIUS is a two-factor authentication platform. It augments the traditional username/password security model by requiring users to provide a second factor to prove their identity. This helps secure users and organizations against various password-related attacks.

GreenRADIUS takes the form of a multi-protocol server. GreenRADIUS validates each user/password/second-factor login attempt and responds with either ACCEPTED or DENIED.

GreenRADIUS supports the traditional RADIUS protocol, which has wide industry acceptance and is used by a considerable amount of existing client software.

In addition, GreenRADIUS also exposes a modern web API, which makes the development of modern web-centric applications (or browser-based 2FA validations) very easy.

GreenRADIUS can also enforce 2FA for Windows Logon, whether PCs are domain-joined or not, online or offline, and for both desktop and RDP logins. Contact us today to learn more.


GreenRADIUS v5.1 is distributed as a virtual machine (VM) packaged in the Open Virtualization Format (OVA). It is available as a free preview download from our website at http://www.greenrocketsecurity.com/greenradius

If you would prefer an AWS instance of GreenRADIUS, please contact us, and we would be happy to share our GreenRADIUS AWI with you.

Minimum Requirements

GreenRADIUS is a lightweight virtual appliance, and, at a minimum, requires the following:

  • 2 CPUs
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM is recommended)
  • 80 GB hard drive space

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Updated 2023-10-16
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