Domains hold collections of users in GreenRADIUS. They are independent and their configurations are separate from one another.

The Domains view

You can freely create and remove domains. There is no limit to the number of domains a GreenRADIUS instance can hold. Domain names may only contain alphanumeric characters, periods, and underscores.

Clicking on a domain in the web admin interface brings up a set of domain-specific tabs:

Domain specific tabs

Each domain has configuration specific to it, accessed through the Configuration tab in the main menu page. There is also a set of configuration options which apply to all domains. This is found under the Global Configuration tab.

The Default Domain

If multiple domains exist, there must be a way to disambiguate which domain a request is intended for. When there are multiple domains and no default domain is selected, all authentication requests to GreenRADIUS must specify the user in 'canonical' format: user@domain, for example jdoe@greenradius.demo.

If a domain has been set as the default domain, requests which do not explicitly specify a domain (that is, a login with a username only) will assume the default domain.

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Updated 2021-06-03
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