GreenRADIUS v5.2 Admin Guide

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Green Rocket Security's GreenRADIUS is a complete two-factor authentication solution supporting a variety of tokens, such as YubiKeys (OTP, OATH, FIDO U2F, and FIDO2), other FIDO tokens, Google Authenticator, our own Green Rocket 2FA mobile app, and much more. It validates traditional RADIUS logins as well as offering a modernized Web API for web applications. GreenRADIUS can also enforce 2FA for Windows Logon, whether PCs are domain-joined or not, online or offline, and for both desktop and RDP logins.

This guide describes how to configure and operate your GreenRADIUS instance. Administrators will find the guide has been arranged by topic, making it easy to refer to specific sections for information.

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Updated 2024-01-31
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